Many web hosting companies provide hosting packages with hundreds of megabytes of web space and gigabytes of data transfer. Why? Because it sounds very generous and they know you'll never use it all!

What is Hosting?

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At 5GL we don't believe in making you pay for web space and data transfer that you'll never use. Most small business web sites need less that 5MB of web space and use less than 100MB of data transfer a month. For example, this whole website occupies less than 2MB of web space! We therefore offer a budget web hosting account at just £3.95 a month (approx $5.50) or £39.95 a year (approx $55) with the following features that will be more that adequate for all but the most demanding web sites.

25MB Webspace 500MB Data Transfer / month
99.9% uptime guarantee No hidden charges guarantee
No minimum contract Detailed traffic statistics
Web based control panel Web mail
10 Pop3 email accounts 10 Email lists
Unlimited email aliases Unlimited autoresponders
Email virus protection 10 Sub-domains
Password protected directories Search engine submission tool
Customised error pages MS FrontPage extensions
Free secure server Free shopping carts
Free scripts 24/7 FTP access
Raw access logs SSH shell access
phpMyChat room PHP4 & 10 MySQL database
All this for just £3.95 a month or £39.95 a year
Super package with 50MB webspace & 1GB data transfer just £6.95 a month or £69.95 a year.
These currency conversions are approximate and for guidance only. The GBP amount will be charged in your local currency at the exchange rate applicable on the day of the transaction.

The key to managing your hosting account is the easy to use yet powerful control panel that gives total control over your website. Try our control panel demo. (Demo only - some functions have been disabled. Control Panel documentation)

Unlike other hosting services, our hosting servers are "mirrored" in both the US and the UK meaning that your site will exist on servers in both countries. Anyone visitng your site will be directed to whichever server will serve them best. This also provides useful backup and redundancy. Remember, for optimum performance and faster access your web site should be housed on servers in the country where the majority of your target market or expected audience are located which is not necessarily your home country.