Streaming video can be integrated into your web site in a number of ways. A pre-recorded video clip can be embedded within the web page or can appear in a stand alone media player. It can also be synchronised with a variety of other media such as PowerPoint slides, Flash presentations or web pages to create a true multimedia experience.

What is
Streaming Video?

What can
Streaming Video
be used for?

Click on the examples below to see how streaming video can be used.

Media Player

Video plays in users Media Player such as Windows Media Player or Real Player (or Internet Explorer media bar)

Modem Users (44k)
Broadband Users (225k)


Embedded Player

Video is embedded in the web page itself and is fully integrated with it. It can have play/stop/pause controls or can start playing automatically.

Modem Users(44k)
Broadband Users (225k)


Synchronised Slides

Video is embedded in web page and synchronised with PowerPoint slides. As the presenter changes the slides they will also change on the screen.

Modem Users
Broadband Users (225k)

Webcast Demonstration

Video embedded in the web page. Webcast demo with different formats and bandwidth

Modem Users(45k), ISDN Users (80K) Broadband Users (225k & 250K)